Celebrity Episode 12 Explained: This episode begins with introducing us to the infamous bbbfamous, Lee Eun-Chae. It is shown that she’s a spa, Cellre Aesthetic employee where the goblin society usually hangs. That’s how she’s able to collect all this information she even had access to their phones and passcodes. She seems a bit off and has been living in a house full of garbage.

Police found it was Seo Du-Seong, Seo A-Ri’s brother who used deepfake technology to act as Seo A-Ri and punish all those responsible for her sister’s death. He was working with Yoon Jeong-Sun. When Detective Jang Hyun-Soo asks them if Seo A-Ri is alive or not they don’t say anything as there was no body found in the car.

After revealing all the truth the police take action and arrest everyone responsible in the argon club case. Chae-Hee is arrested for taking drugs, Angela’s husband leaves her for sleeping with other men for money, Yu-Rang’s husband gets arrested for helping Tae-Jeon.

Tae-Jeon is brought to the station for questioning but he refuses to accept his crime and says he was only trying to help an ill person by bringing him to the hospital.

Hwang Yong-Tae is questioned but he refuses to have any idea about the drug but the detective reveals he’s also accused of the attempted murder of Han Jun-Kyung. That’s when Jae-Hun gets there and admits all the crime and states he did all this for Tae-Jeon.

Han Jun-Kyung meets Tae-Jeon in the toilet of the police station and reveals that he gave an option to Jae-Hun to testify and keep his license or he could go down with Tae-Jeon. He immediately switched sides and it’s game over for you. After this, he leaves.

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Seo A-Ri is alive and she contacts Yoon Si-Hyeon to book an appointment at the spa to meet Eun-Chae. After meeting her she corners her and questions why she did all this. Eun-Chae pushed her and ran away from the room. Yoon Si-Hyeon and Seo A-Ri follow her and see her standing close to the window she breaks the glass and reveals she is annoyed by all these celebs as they have everything and she couldn’t even get anything. The way they treated her made her very angry that’s why she did all this and she’s not even guilty about it saying all this she jumps out of the window and is later taken to a hospital.

Yoon Si-Hyeon called Han Jun-Kyung and he finally met Seo A-Ri. They hug and share a moment as he tells her not to leave him again.

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In the end, Seo A-Ri’s mother returns home and everything becomes normal again. Yoon Si-Hyeon and Seo A-Ri meet at Eun-Chae’s place as they discuss her. Yoon Si-Hyeon reveals to Seo A-Ri that there’s a fan account for him currently at 3.9M followers and all of them are waiting for her return but she refuses to be a part of that life again as they could turn again at any given time and leaves this life behind. That’s when this episode ends.



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