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Burn The House Down Episode 7: Recap, summary and Explained

All secrets are opened up about Makiko. She is completely exposed? But is it the end of her life? Or not? Let’s find out the answer in this episode-wise recap.

It’s a stormy night and in the Mitarai House, all the secrets are unfolded. Makiko is unable to recognize her. That’s not the end Anzu has a recording of a conversation between her & Mujina-san, where Mujina-san revealed that she followed Aliza-san aka Makiko after the fan met on December 21st (the day of fire). She went to the same train with Makiko as she knows Aliza-san aka Makiko lived near Misawano Station. But she gets off at the Suzugaoka Station.

She followed Makiko but lost her at the ticket gate. That’s the last time she saw Makiko aka Aliza-san. Mujina-san knows Makiko as Aliza-san because that’s the account that Makiko uses, as Mujina-san doesn’t know about her real identity. So, Suzugaoka Station is near the Mitarai House. Makiko said she was working at the Suzugaoka supermarket that’s why she reached that station.

She also mentioned Anzu & Yuzu went there to buy groceries for dinner, and she also said that she remembered Anzu bought ingredients for making curry. Osamu requested Makiko to stop, as he said Satsuki was very particular about her curry, that is why she always blended her own powder. Now, the question is how she knows that Anzu & Yuzu have Curry on that day.

The answer is easy, As Makiko saw curry in their home in the kitchen. Lies make a deeper hole for Makiko. Makiko still trying to avoid accepting her involvement and then she saw her elder son Kiichi, and also that night she asked her son not to tell anything. After that, she confessed her guilt. Anzu requested her to confess guilt in front of Satsuki so that their mother again gets a good life.

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After the dramatic revelation of the Truth, Osamu went to Makiko’s room to talk with her. He will divorce Makiko after visiting Satsuki.

Next Day Makiko went for a press conference without telling anyone. She published her book at that conference and in front of everyone she accepted her life as Makiko. Later she also denied giving divorce to Osamu. As she makes the Mitarai family famous she wants everyone in this family. It looks like Makiko is still that same person. She manipulated Osamu and that weak husband clarified in front of them that Makiko is his best wife. A fake sympathy in front of everyone makes her again back into the game.

But suddenly someone backed Makiko’s Instagram account and posted her selfish photo on her account, which makes her turn down by everyone. After that day she went to meet Satsuki. but, it looks like Satsuki remembered her. Satsuki saw those belongings which used to be hers & those stolen by Anzu. She took Makiko to the rooftop to enjoy the view. But it looks like Satsuki knows everything. Satsuki went to the internet and founds the truth about Makiko, and that’s how she got back her memory. But she still has a blurry memory of that incident. She also shared the traumatic experience of that firey day. Ichihara-san used to visit her and say everything about the fire, her husband & also the suspicious about Makiko.

Burn The House Down
Burn The House Down

Which leads her to know the Truth. It’s about that night when Makiko accepted her fault and going to apologize in front of everyone but later day she didn’t confess her fault. It’s Satsuki who hacked Makiko’s social media. Satsuki said Makiko doesn’t love Osamu, she just used him. Satsuki admired Makiko as the Only one she hated too much. Mocking laughter, disappointed gaze, an angry outburst that’s how Satsuki is in flame and it’s Satsuki who set that fire.

Two weeks later. The Mitarai family is unable to go outside. Osamu the man who always thinks about reputation ended up in the room. Later Kiichi talked with Shinji the two brothers also accepted each other. Makiko is in the dilution she trying to send her son to the basement as some reporters posted his photo on social media. After that Kiichi make up his mind to leave this family and she also said his brother to release the burdens and became free. He thanked her room and left from the window z as he got hurt badly.

Went to outside he found the night full of stars and thought about Anzu and she reached there too. He asked Anzu to stay with him. She takes him into her house where Kiichi found a free life. Later they went outside together.

The series ended when police came to arrest Maki o and her husband Osamu said to police. They started an investigation. She also confessed how she badly wants to take Satsuki’s life. As Police asked more about her son Kiichi.

Where Kiichi taken Anzu? And what will be happened to Makiko after confessing her deeds? Let’s find out in the last episode.

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