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Makiko In ‘Burn The House Down’ : Who Plays?, Character Explained

Makiko is the Antagonist of this series. In the series, we saw her as a Greed, cunning woman. As people are demanding to know about the character who played, we are going to discuss it with a character explanation.

In this series, the character Makiko is played by Japanese actress Kyôka Suzuki. She is a 55 years old actress. Some of her movies are ” second Virgin”(2010), “”Blood & Bones “(2004), “Osama No Resturant”(1995), “The Grand Family “(2007), “Perfect Son”(2012), “Okaeri Mone “(2021).

She was also seen in The 13 lords of the Shogun”(2022), “Eating Women “(2018). Also she did webseries like “Warotenka”(2017-2018) , “Women Document Detectives”(2018), “Never Co-starring Again”(2020).

Makiko was Anzu’s classmate’s mother. One day she met with Anzu’s mother Satsuki. After seeing her dress ornaments she felt jealous. She began to steal Satsuki’s things one by one. But her jealous mindset went to the topmost level where at she wants the life of Satsuki .

As Stasuki belongs to the Mitarai family she has everything with her. On the other side, Makiko is struggling with her life. That’s why she felt happy when the Mitarai House burned and then she married Osamu and became a Rich woman. This is how Makiko became a female model & also a youth icon.

Later after she lost everything as people know about the truth of her family she became helpless. She wasn’t behind that fire, she was just trying to protect her son. After that, she knows it’s her young child behind that fire. At the end of the series, she got divorced by Osamu and started a new life by becoming a YouTuber.

So, this is all about Makiko. If you have any more questions left ask in the comment section.



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