Monsieur Spade Episode 3: AMC presents another crime drama with the famous detective character Samuel Spades. Story revolves around Samuel Spades going to a village to deliver his friend’s daughter. But things when he gets there change, and he settles there to finish the purpose he came for.

The episode starts with a table meeting of Samuel Spade and Phillipe in a bar. They are on aggressive way of talking. Phillipe asks for Samuel’s personal information about what he doing here, and why is he involved on these also says bad about Samuel’s mother. Samuel is still keeping his charm while talking, he is not afraid of anything and comes straight to the point. Samuel gives 500,000 francs money to Phillipe.

Samuel warns him to take the money, buy a new boat and get out of here. But Phillipe says Bezouls is his place he won’t leave anywhere. Phillipe asks same money from each of the neighbors so it makes big sum. But Samuel denies and Phillipe did not accept the money and leaves.

The guy at the bar takes Zayid to his home. There are other people in his house, looked like refugees hidden in house. They are confused of what to do with the kid. Teresa is still at Samuel’s home, Samuel requested Maid’s son to keep an eye on her. Patrice tells Samuel to come with him to meet bishop. When they met the bishop, they said they got the monk and they will send him to Rome for further proceedings.

But Patrice is not happy with sending killer to church procedures. As they walked out Father Morgan comes out and tell them the monk’s name is Friar Angelo and he was send to Bezouls by Agnes Omnipotence a secret society.

Pierre is trying to leave this village with his wife, so he came to meet Samuel to get a fair price that Gabrielle would have gave if was there. Pierre blames Samuel for everything. Pierre liked Gabrielle when he came to see her and tell her he saw Samuel with her married. Pierre believes everything would have changed if Samuel didn’t come to their life. The bar attender and his friends trying to make a plan to get Zayid safe. Samuel tells the doctor to trick and tell Phillipe’s mother about murder attempt on Teresa.

At the end of the episode, Teresa asks Samuel about the huge trust funds in her name. Samuel says her mother put on her with for the antiques she had, which Phillipe stole from different places. That’s Phillipe behind Teresa. Teresa says she will leave the village when she becomes 18 with her trust funds.

Samuel’s trick with the doctor worked and he gets a call from Phillipe asking if the attempt was true and he have the boy. They both fix a cemetery to meet. Samuel go to the cemetery but nobody were there. Samuel rush back to home, Teresa was there.

The painting on the wall had voice bug on it, and apparently the painter and mother was hearing the voice inside the rooms now, looks like they are some secret service officials. All of sudden the maid falls wounded in the kitchen, when Samuel goes there he also gets attacked, he can’t fightback as the attacker is very strong. Suddenly Teresa comes there and we hear a gunshot.

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