Alexander The Making of a God Episode 2: Netflix presents yet another mini-documentary series with six episodes. The documentary series tells the story of Alexander The Great, the God of ancient Greek. The journey of his battles against Persia and the evolution of him as a demigod is the rest of the plot.

The young King Alexander sets off on his epic adventure to conquer the Persian Empire. In the spring of 334 BCE, Alexander marches east from the Macedonian capital of Aegae. After 22 days, the army reaches the Hellespont, a stretch of sea that marks the division between Europe and Asia.

He arrives in Asia Minor with his army of 32,000 infantry and 5,000 cavalry. Alexander continues his invasion with his army; he has to show early success to convince his followers.

The army gets pretty much exhausted after the long march for days. Ptol and others inform Alexander about the condition of the army. The soldiers need him to show himself to be the leader that he claims to be. But he takes a different path; he goes sightseeing to explore himself. For the Greeks, there were gods, and there were demigods.

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A god was someone who was a being completely divine, and they had been there at the creation of the world. A demigod was someone, as the name implies, half-god, half-mortal. And so, these were the people who could even walk the Earth.

Alexander leads his men through Türkiye to the river Granicus. They take almost a month to reach there. The Persian army arranges some mercenary troops together and loads them into Asia Minor. General Memnon leads the mercenary troops to the River Granicus. Around forty thousand men gather behind the Persian army, and five thousand of them are Greek mercenaries.

The Macedonian army has been marching for straight four days; every man is already exhausted. The general requests Alex to give the men a night to rest, but Alex rejects it and tells the general to attack. Macedonians line up on one side of the river, and Persian cavalry is on the opposite side. The Persian army is larger than Alexander’s, but the speed of the attack his army makes causes the Persian army to run for their lives.

The second episode ends with Alexander and the army winning the battle with fewer soldiers. He kills all the Greek mercenaries who joined the Persian alliance and betrayed Macedonia. Alexander conquered one of the Greek cities, Halicarnassus, which benefited a lot from Persian rule.

The city is under the control of Memnon, so Alexander captures him, kills him, and sends an invitation to Darius to join the war with Macedonia. Darius gathers a large number of soldiers and starts his journey for the battle with Alexander.

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