Al Yankovic & Madonna: ROKU Original WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story has been released officially and the film had already been on the charts, not because of the unique cast but because the film is a biographical parody of the life of Al Yankovic.

The film is doing well with an amazing performance delivered by Daniel Radcliffe in the directorial debut of Eric Appel who co-wrote the script with Al Yankovic. However, the film has Even Rachel Wood reprising the role of Madonna which influences the life of Al majorly and we see a lot of her in the film but in a negative way that is definitely not subtle that she’s definitely the protagonist and there’s not going to be different opinions about that.

The film shows Madonna trying to use Al Yankovic for writing a parody of one of her songs and she’s ready to get that by any means necessary she gets into a relationship with Al trying to get him to hit rock bottom by negatively influencing him to go against his mentor and his band mates.

He loses everything but his naivete allows him to consider Madonna as his one and only true love that won’t leave him and agrees to whatever Madonna keeps saying or proposing. We see a very destructive relationship between Madonna & Al Yankovic in the film and anyone would be super curious about the very question you’re already thinking, were those two really in a relationship??

Well, we’d like to take your focus on the genre of the film. It’s a biographical parody and Al Yankovic and taken weirdness to a different level by elevating one meeting of him and Madonna that just happened for 45 seconds to a different level that they were in a relationship.

Al Yankovic confirmed that they were not in any relationship when he appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show. So, anything you saw in the film specifically about Al & Madonna’s relationship is not true.



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