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Al Yankovic Really Kill Pablo Escobar? | WEIRD The Al Yankovic Story Real ?

ROKU Original WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story has been released officially and the film had already been on the charts, not because of the unique cast but because the film is a biographical parody of the life of Al Yankovic.

The film is doing well with an amazing performance delivered by Daniel Radcliffe in the directorial debut of Eric Appel who co-wrote the script with Al Yankovic.

The film had elements that were invited to the type of audience any person wouldn’t like and that is of a drug lord. Yes, you heard that correctly, the film did a parody of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar as well.

Pablo Escobar becomes a huge fan of Al Yankovic and invites him for a performance on his birthday but at that time, Al is in a relationship with Madonna who is negatively influencing him and Al is on a roll that whatever he’s going to do will be original and he’s not going to do anything other than that so when he hears Pablo’s invitation, he immediately says no to that.

Al finds himself at a crossroads when he pushes his friends away who think that fame has gotten to him so he and Madonna are at a restaurant and Madonna is kidnapped by Pablo Escobar’s men. Enraged Al who thinks of Madonna as his own person who will stay by his side no matter what, goes to Colombia where Pablo Escobar lives and, in a shootout, he kills him with one of his platinum medallions.

Now, like a normal curious and rational person you’d ask if this holds any truth to it and well, for a very good enough reason, with a heavy heart we say that it does not. The film is in fact a parody, a biographical parody but it has elevated some scenes that happened but also included scenes that never happened so, no to Al Yankovic killing Pablo Escobar.



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