Miller’s Girl Review: After having a downfall in her recent releases, Jenna Ortega gets into a controversy due to her new film Miller’s Girl which had a messy ending, crossing the boundaries of what’s appropriate between a student and a teacher.

No doubt that Ortega has successfully managed to become a well-recognized American actress at a young age and is accountable for more than 15 blockbuster films and shows to date. She is famous for her amazing acting and her choice of dramatic roles. Her on-screen presence takes the play to new heights even if the story or the narration isn’t in place.

If we talk about her recent work, she played the lead role of Cairo in her latest film Miller’s Girl which is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name written by Alice Walker. Although the film, Miller’s Girl has an ambiguous ending which shows the inappropriate relationship between Cairo and her writing teacher, Mr. Miller.

Ortega performed her first on-screen kissing scene with her teacher which is largely in talks these days.
Despite the age gap between them as Mr. Miller is almost twice the age of Cairo and the fact that Mr. Miller is married, the student-teacher dynamic gives the most obvious reason that this relationship should have never happened. In the film, Cairo is barely 18, which means the part of the brain responsible for decision-making, the Prefrontal cortex is still not fully developed hence being twice the age of his student and holding a responsible position in the school, makes Mr. Miller’s responsibility to prevent such things from developing with a student.

One thing that might have motivated Mr. Miller to go forward with it could be watching Coach Fillmore’s relationship with Winnie. Although they never had a physical connection on the screen except for the sexual texts being exchanged between the two which later on, the Coach deleted.

Towards the end of the film, we can see the Coach lecturing Mr. Miller for not knowing his limits and crossing the line. The coach even thinks of himself as an ideal example of keeping a student-teacher relationship as he knows the limits but the only true difference what I felt was that he wasn’t sexually involved and was not reported for being verbally inappropriate by Winnie whereas, on the other side, Cairo took her matter to the Vice Principle as a revenge which ended up disclosing everything to Miller’s wife regarding her husband’s involvement with Cairo.

The overall film seems to be unsure about delivering a clear message, at one point we can see Cairo being shown as an ill-tempered teenager but later we find Coach Fillmore and Miller’s wife blaming Mr. Miller for this inappropriate relationship.

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Also, the film tries to depict that teenage girls are largely at fault for such power-imbalanced inappropriate relationships which is not the truth I believe. What do you think about it, do let me know in the comments.



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