One Day Season 2 Release Date: “One Day” is a fourteen-episodic Netflix original romantic drama with an average duration of 25 minutes per episode. The story is adapted from “One Day” book by David Nicholls. Dexter and Emma are two graduates who meet at their graduation party.

After the hook-up that night, they become friends and more than that. The story shows their friendship, and love over the years.

One Day” is a limited series by Netflix. They are planned to be made as a mini-series. The story is also based on the book and they covered almost everything in this series. Dexter and Emma become good friends and they meet other people and have affairs and relationships with other people on the years.

But in the end, Emma and Dexter propose their love and start living together. But an unexpected thing happens which makes the series change its entire path at the end of the episode.

Season 1 has fourteen episodes with an average of 25 minutes per episode, even though the episode count is higher the duration is less. Even if season 2 comes the episodes will be like this because each episode is a story that happened in a day each year. So the content will be very little to show in an episode. The story had a finishing at the end and the Emma character is dead in the climax, so next season’s story should be entirely different without her as lead.

As the series is a limited mini-series by Netflix, there is no news about a season 2. They are already thought of as making it a mini-series from the start, so the chances of another season are doubted. But since it’s a Netflix series maybe we can hope they will release another series if there is a good amount of viewers.



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