XO Kitty Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Having feelings for Yuri makes this series more interesting. Dae is happy about their relationship, but Kitty feels that something is missing. As we discuss the episode-wise recap, let’s find out about this episode.

It starts with Min-Ho talking about his breakup with Madison, while Q talks about the problems with her boyfriend, Florian. On the other side, Kitty and Dae are happy being together, but Kitty struggles with her studies, so Dae’s friends are ready to help her. Meanwhile, Alex meets with Principal Lim and claims to be her own son, with Professor Lee being his biological father.

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However, their relationship is a secret known only by Lim and Kitty’s mom. Lim meets her husband, President Han, and confesses that she has a son. When she was 16, she got pregnant but used her American friend’s name to cover it up, who is Kitty’s mom. However, President Han is not interested in accepting it. Yuri overhears this and becomes angry. She also confesses that she loves Juliana. The truths are revealed, but things need to be settled.

On the other side, Yuri meets with Kitty and informs her that she finally told her mom that she is gay. She also talks to Kitty about her brother, knowing that Kitty already knows everything but keeps silent. Yuri is now settled with them, and everyone in the room knows that Yuri is gay and that her relationship with Dae was fake. Min-Ho and Dae find Florian with another guy. When Q sees the picture, he feels broken. Later, he shows the picture to Florian, who admits to cheating on exams but not with him because he didn’t want to fail. However, Q is not ready to accept it.

As exams start, Kitty’s semester goes wrong, and she is in deep trouble. But she gets another chance and has to participate in a Traditional Korean dance. Every time Yuri touches Kitty, she feels a strange feeling inside. While practicing the dance, Kitty can’t stop herself from walking toward Yuri, but they stop before anything happens. Alex wants to leave the school as he came here to find his biological parents and now wants to leave after finding them. Kitty asks him to meet Yuri before leaving the school.

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During the dance, Principal Lim approaches Yuri and tells her they need to make everything right with Alex. Hearing this name, Yuri is amazed because she thought Kitty had already told her, but Kitty didn’t. Misunderstanding arises again, but Kitty tries to explain everything to Yuri. However, after the misunderstanding, Kitty wants to leave the stage, but suddenly fireworks start and a fire breaks out. Min-Ho comes to the rescue and helps Kitty before Dae arrives.

Things are all messed up; they need to be sorted out perfectly. Alex comes to see Yuri, and when Lim sees them together, she exclaims happily. She also invites Professor Lee and takes her son and daughter. Kitty also confesses that she has feelings for someone else. Hearing this, Dae assumes it’s Min-Ho, so he goes to confront him. Let’s find out what happens in the next episode.



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