Kitty in “XO Kitty”: Kitty is the lead character in this series. She is cute, beautiful, and fearless. She steals the show with her presence. Kitty also acts as a matchmaker, helping others in their relationships.

As many users want to know more about her, let’s discuss her character in the Netflix series “XO Kitty.”

In the series, the character Kitty is played by Anna Cathcart, a 19-year-old Canadian actress. She gained fame for her role in the “To All The Boys” film series. She has also appeared in movies like “Descendants,” “Spin” (2021), and “Zoe Valentine” (2019), as well as the series “Odd Squad” (2014-2022).

Kitty gets admission to the Korean Independent School of Seoul (K.I.S.S.), where her boyfriend Dae and her mom also study. She goes there to learn more about her mom and surprise her boyfriend. Upon arriving, she discovers that Dae has a girlfriend named Yuri, which brings tears to her eyes.

However, she finds everything she saw in her mother’s album and realizes that her boyfriend is in a fake relationship. Kitty starts making friends and helping others, and she even shares her first kiss with Dae. Afterward, she realizes that she has feelings for a girl named Yuri.

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That’s all about Kitty. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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