XO Kitty Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Kitty kiss Yuri? Why? Doesn’t she love Dae? Let’s uncover the truth in this episode-wise recap. There are a few questions that got answered in Episode 7 of the show. Here we are going to tell you about the Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

While Kitty attempts to kiss Yuri, she suddenly wakes up from her dream. She is left speechless and goes to talk to Q. Q, who also wakes up from a dream, and asks if she had a sex dream with Dae. However, Kitty denies it because, in her dream, she actually saw Yuri. She believes dreams are meaningless. Min-Ho is present at the time and remembers his dream with Kitty, leading him to think that dreams are meaningless as well.

After the mess they caused the previous night, the media publishes news about the students. Principal Lim comes up with an idea to put an end to the chaos by organizing a photo shoot with Dae and Yuri. On the other side, Dae invites Yuri to discuss a breakup because of the necklace. Later, Yuri goes to the girls’ room, where Kitty is supposed to be staying, but she cannot find her and assumes she might be in Dae’s room. Later, when Kitty is in the library, she sees Yuri approaching her.

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Yuri reveals that she will tell everyone that she is staying in the boys’ hostel. Kitty notices her mother’s necklace around Yuri’s neck and confronts her about it. Suddenly, Principal Lim appears and questions her daughter about why she is wearing her necklace, but Kitty denies it, stating that it belongs to her mother. However, Lim refuses to believe her and leaves the library. Afterward, Professor Lee meets with Kitty and asks why she didn’t tell him that she is Eve’s daughter. Once Professor Lee leaves, Yuri meets with Kitty, and they discuss their mothers, trying to uncover the truth behind it. They decide to search Principal Lim’s room for answers. It turns out that Principal Lim is hiding the truth.

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They then go to Professor Lee’s house, believing that Lee, Lim, and Kitty’s mom were friends. They find a yearbook from 1993, confirming that they were indeed best friends. They hurry to the library before Lee arrives. Q discovers that Kitty’s sex dream is about Yuri. On the other side, Alex accepts himself as Kitty’s half-brother. However, the truth is that Principal Lim is actually Alex Finnerty’s mother.

At the end of the episode, Yuri invites a cameraman and publicly argues with Dae, wanting everyone to know that he loves Kitty. Finally, Dae kisses Kitty, marking her first kiss.



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