XO Kitty Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: 10 Episodic Romantic drama show XO Kitty is streaming on Netflix. The show is getting decent responses from all over the Globe. Although while we are writing this post, The news is coming that season 2 of the show is canceled.

Here Goes the Recap and Ending Explained Of Episode 6 of the show;

Lim is hiding something, but what is it? As we go through the episode-wise recap, let’s explore this episode.

The episode starts with Min-Ho having a dream about Kittye. Although it is a nightmare for him, he eventually wakes up. The next day, Kitty talks with Alex. However, Alex still has doubts about their relationship, while Kitty is preoccupied with uncovering the truth about her mother. On the other side, Q invites her to Min-Ho’s Madness party. However, Kitty becomes frustrated because Dae isn’t replying to her.

She sent him a necklace with a letter. Dae and Yuri also arrive at the party, where Yuri is usually DJing with Julian, but this time she has to do it alone. Kitty is amazed to see Dae’s completely new look and style at the party, leaving him speechless. While at the party, Kitty overhears a guy making negative comments about Yuri.

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This angers her, as she loves her boyfriend but also cares about her friend. Kitty confronts the guy and gets into a fight with him. Yuri is present and hears everything. Later, Yuri and Dae dance together. Kitty, unable to find a partner to dance with, drinks too much and mistakenly sends the wrong message to Professor Lee. Meanwhile, Yuri meets with Kitty. Later, Alex arrives and asks everyone to stop immediately, as Lee and Principal Lim discover the location of the party.

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On the other side, Dae asks Q why Kitty is angry with him. Q explains that Dae didn’t reply regarding the necklace. Dae is left speechless because he couldn’t find any necklace. He remembers it was Chaesoke day and thinks about Yuri. At the party, Lee and Lim arrive but are reminded of past memories. Lee approaches Kitty to talk, but she is still hungover. When Dae goes on stage to talk about the necklace with Yuri, the professors interrupt and stop the music, causing everyone to leave the place.

The next day, we find Kitty developing feelings for Yuri and attempting to kiss her. Will she have her first kiss with Yuri? What will happen next? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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