XO Kitty Episode 8: Things are going well now. Yuri has finally declared that she doesn’t love Dae anymore, and finally, Kitty had her first kiss. As we discuss the episode-wise recap, let’s dive into Episode 8. We are also covering the Episode Wise Recap of the show too and you can also check Episode 5, Episode 6, and Episode 7 Recap too.

The relationship between Kitty and Dae begins. However, Kitty has many questions she wants answers to. Later, the students go on a trip. Yuri approaches Dae to discuss their relationship. Yuri is happy because she might meet Juliana. Yuri also decides to help resolve the relationship problems between Kitty and Dae, so she becomes Kitty’s roommate. Yuri reveals the secret that she is gay, which leaves Kitty silent because she had doubts about Yuri before.

Kitty also realizes that being with Dae was part of Yuri’s plan. Yuri admits that Dae is a good boy, and it was her plan to be with her girlfriend. Kitty wants to find Juliana for Yuri. On the other side, Q’s boyfriend’s parents want to send him to London due to their separation, and he ends up in trouble. Kitty wants to help Yuri, and Yuri also assists her. Later, we see that Kitty still has feelings for Yuri.

At that moment, Dae arrives with a bouquet of flowers. Min-Ho also invites his girlfriend, Madison. Dae takes Kitty to a beautiful place to surprise her, and their relationship starts to rebuild. On the other side, Min-Ho is serious about Madison, but she is not because she sees their relationship as temporary. This hurts Min-Ho because he wants a serious relationship. Kitty and Dae share their feelings and kiss each other.

After a romantic date, Kitty goes to Yuri because she found a call from Juliana. Kitty wants Yuri to find happiness, just like they have, but she still feels unhappy. Why is she feeling unhappy? Does she have feelings for Yuri after all? Let’s find out in the next episode.



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