XO Kitty Episode 5: After the eventful Episode 4, The show is now getting more exciting and better with Each passing episode. If you have missed any episodes you can check the ending and Recap of all the episodes. Here Goes Episode 5 Recap and Explained.

Kitty found a secret about her mom, but she also got caught. Her roommate recorded everything she is doing in her room. What happened next? Let’s find out and discuss episode-wise recap.

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While being in a room together, Kitty and Dae sometimes find themselves in awkward situations. Later, she went to talk with Q, and they discussed Alex Finnerty. Kitty arrived in class very late, where the President was giving a speech for Chuseok. Kitty received bad marks. At that time, she encountered Alex and asked him about Chuseok. Since Kitty and Alex have no relatives in Korea, Kitty invites him to dinner. At the shopping mall, she found Min-Ho, who helped her prepare dinner for Chuseok. Min-Ho’s girlfriend, Lulu, confirmed that she is coming tonight. They cooked together and discussed their lives.

When Yuri asked her mom about her friendship with Kitty’s mom, she denied it. Dae is with his father, making dishes for Chuseok, and Yuri reaches there. She brings up Sulwahoo for Dae’s mom, but she doesn’t know that Dae’s mom died three years ago.

At night, their party started, and Professor Lee also came with Professor Alex. Later, Kitty gave a speech for those who don’t have their family near them, expressing that they came here to celebrate Chuseok with Kitty. On the other side, Yuri spent quality time with Dae’s family. Kitty celebrated her first Chuseok happily.

While talking with Alex, she found out that he is here for some distant relative. On the other side, Yuri spent the best Chuseok of her life and also noticed love in Dae’s eyes for Kitty. Later, she found a mail and a package. It contained Kitty’s mother’s necklace, which she intended to send to Dae. Unfortunately, Yuri received it and took it with her.

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Kitty saved Min-Ho and earned her trust. Later, when Kate tried to ask something, Alex revealed that Professor Lee is actually his dad. That’s why he came to K.I.S.S for teaching. Kitty also thinks that her mom and Lee must have a secret relationship.

At the end of the episode, we saw Headmistress Lim finding a photo of her with Kitty’s mom, but she burned that photo. What truth is she hiding, and do Kitty’s mom and Professor Lee really have a relationship?



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