Son Young Shim in “Queenmaker “: Son Young Shim aka Ms. Son is a supporting character of this series. She is the chairperson of Eunsug’s Group and plays a huge negative role in this series.

As users are requesting more details on the actress who plays “Son Young Shim” in the series. We are going to discuss it and also give an explanation of her character in the Netflix show “Queenmaker”.

The character of Son Young Shim is played by Seo Yi-sook. She is 56 years old and did lots of movies and series like ” Hot Singers”(2022), ” The Hypnosis”(2022), “And the Mayor”(2017).

She is the Chairperson of Eunsug’s Group has lots of power and knows lots of political leaders and media for handling anything. And Also she is the mother-in-law of Baek-Jae. That’s why she supports him always. but She loves power more than family.

Hope you got an idea of the character Son Young Shim or Ms.Son in the series ” Queenmaker ” series, which is recently released on Netflix. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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