What happened with Ms.Son:- Netflix’s 11 episodes South Korean Political drama Queenmaker has officially been released on the Streaming platform, Tells us the strength of a Professional fixer girl Hwang-Do who helps an ordinary lawyer Kyung-sook to become a mayor of Seoul.

What happened to Ms. Son?

Ms. Son is a very powerful lady and also the chairperson of Ensung Group. She has two daughters. Where the son-in-law of the younger Daughter is the CEO of The Green People Foundation Baek-Jae.

In the last episode, she was trying to buy Kyung-sook, because she is the present Mayor. But Kyung-sook Denied helping her and also she knew everything about Ms.Son so, Ms. Son I was arrested, And her elder daughter Eun- Seo-Jin gets 90% of Eunsug’s duty-free shop’s shares to a private enterprise setup.

Queenmaker is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi, Korean, and English, along with subtitles.



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