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Wilderness Ending Explained: So, we are at the end of this series. Liv is now in police custody; what will happen exactly? Let’s find out in this recap.

Detective Rawlins starts interrogating Liv. One thing she is unable to understand is how Garth had the key to Liv’s apartment. As we know, Liv, Will, & Garth were the last people who saw Cara the last time, so Garth wants to know who knows anything about Cara. Liv is released because she acted in self-defense. However, the detectives still do not understand what happened to Cara.

Cara returned to her apartment, which is already messed up. She started cleaning it because she couldn’t live without her house. But she still dreams of that scene where she kills Garth.

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Let’s move on from this as our lead characters move on with their lives. Will take a transfer for a few days. We can see he was doing everything to make her happy and also correct the mistakes. But Liv’s silence was quite annoying, but she finally opened her mouth. Liv wanted a divorce from Will, and now she wants to move on.

She started enjoying with Ash by getting intimate with her. Later on that night, she met with Will in the apartment. She finally admitted in front of him that she was in love with Ash. Will starts denying their relationship, but Liv wants to do that as he also has many affairs. Apart from this, he doesn’t want a divorce and also started blackmailing her. Now, the question is, what will Liv do?

The character of Will has completely changed now. She looks very brave and temperamental now. Later, Liv gets a call from Marissa who invites her for a meeting because they want to give a farewell party to Will. Marissa wants to apologize to Liv for whatever she did with Will. Watching them two together, Will became more furious. It’s exactly the same as what happened on that night with Cara and Liv.

Later, we see Liv packing everything to move on. At that moment, Will becomes very upset, so Liv takes advantage of this moment. She records everything that Will says; he confesses that Liv killed Garth in self-defense. While they are at the last moment to leave, the flight officer takes Liv and Will with them.

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Detective Rawlins & Wiseman enter into this moment. They play that MMS video of Will with Cara (which Liv saw in the first episode). Liv knows about everything but pretends that she doesn’t know anything about it. Detective Wiseman arrests Will and takes him with them. A smile on Liv’s face clarifies that she wanted this, and she won in this game.

During the interrogation, Liv clarifies that on that night, Will’s shirt was completely wet, and this clears that Will went outside. In this situation, whatever Liv says will be accepted as the truth because the detective has enough evidence against Will. In fact, the detective has the red jacket that Cara was wearing on that murder night. Now, Will becomes silent because he has nothing to speak against it. He might go to jail for 25 years.

Liv moved on with Ash. But, will her problems end? Just for a few days, she went to meet with Will in jail. Will asked her if Liv would wait for him or not. We see Will is completely upset and helpless, but he knows that Liv is behind the murder of Cara. He also understands that Liv knew about that video for a long time. Will accepts that he lost, and Liv makes this plan to teach him. Will said he could afford the best lawyers and detectives to destroy her, but Liv started smiling at him. In this situation, she gave him the news of her pregnancy. Will first of all doesn’t try to accept that, but he understands that Liv isn’t lying this time.

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One thing comes up in our minds at the end of this series. Why did Liv kill Cara? Liv said she had no intention to kill her; in fact, she became her close friend. Instead, she was trying to kill Will. Yes, when she saw that red raincoat, she assumed that it might be Will, so she pushed him, but luckily it wasn’t William; instead, it was Cara.

Liv got her revenge. She wanted to teach him, and she did what a woman should do. A man can have an affair, but if a girl does this, she will not be accepted by society. This series helps us understand her motive: her husband cheated on her, and she wanted to destroy him completely. That’s it, and that’s how this series ended.


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