Thursday Widows Episode 1 (Las viudas de los jueves ): The first episode of the show starts with a swimming pool sequence where we see three men enjoying themselves in the pool. In another frame, a boy and a girl are secretly recording a video of these men. Suddenly, an electric current passes through the pool, and all three men are shocked. This is where we see the title card of the show.

The story then shifts to character introductions. We meet a woman named “Maavi,” also known as Mavita, who works as a property dealer. We also encounter another man named Gustavo Maldonado, who is looking to buy a new property in the Los Altos Society for his wife, Carla.

We are introduced to other characters named Martin and Tano, who live in the same society. Martin is planning to run for the position of Governor. Two more characters are Juan Diego (Maavi’s son) and Ramona. We also see Ramona and Diego secretly filming their neighbors.

All the women from the society meet at the Golf Club every Thursday. On the same day, all the men from the society gather at Tano’s house, where we see Tano gifting Maldonado an expensive watch. The story then jumps to December 26, another Thursday when all the ladies are together for a party.

On the other side, all the men are enjoying their time too. During the ladies’ party, Maavi is missing, and when Tera (Tano’s wife) reaches Maavi’s office, she sees Maavi getting physically intimate with the guard of her office. Meanwhile, Martin and Tano are making fun of Ronnie (Maavi’s husband), which deeply upsets Ronnie.

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On the same night, we witness a shocking turn of events. All three men, Tano, Martin, and Maldonado, are found dead in the swimming pool at Tano’s house. Ronnie falls from his rooftop and is severely injured. Episode 1 ends here.

Episode 1 of the show had a slightly slow middle, and there were many unnecessary sequences in the series. However, the shocking climax was amazing, and we hope that the upcoming episodes will be even more exciting.



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