Thursday’s Widows Episode 2 (Las viudas de los jueves ): The second episode of the show starts with a backstory where we see Tano and his wife Terresa purchasing their house in the society. We also learn that Terresa has some feelings for their gardener, Uriel. Tano faces some issues at his office and is dismissed from his job.

One day, when there was no one at Terresa’s house, she started masturbating, and Uriel witnessed it. Terresa fires him from his job after this incident.

In between the whole series of gossiping and making others feel low, there are fake relationships all around in society. Everyone in the society now knows about Tano’s condition, and at the Christmas Party, Tano announces that he has quit his job and is starting his own company.

Tano buys a gun to end his life so that his family can collect the insurance money. Tano was about to take his own life on Christmas, but he was stopped by his daughter. The story now shifts to the present, and we see that nothing has changed; everything looks the same. Tano is planning to end his life again, and he also invites Martin and Ronnie to this. Episode 2 ends here.

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Now, we have an idea of why Tano wants to end his life. He was a financial mess and he wanted his family and wife to live a great life thus he decided to Kill himself so that his family could get the money from Policy. The only question remaining is how he will do it and why Martin and Maldonado also decide to join him. Maybe we will get to know about it in the next episode.



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