Thursday’s Widows Episode 3 (Las viudas de los jueves ): The third episode of the show starts with the story of Mariana’s family. We see how Mariana undergoes plastic surgery to improve her appearance. She desires children but never gets pregnant due to certain issues, so they adopt Ramona and another child.

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Episode 3 revolves around Mariana and Dr. Ernesto’s family. Ernesto is a very serious man who never visits Tano’s house on Thursdays. Mariana always insists that he goes there so that she can remain part of that community. After many discussions, Ernesto finally goes to Tano’s house, where he gets offended by their conversations and leaves the party early.

Mariana becomes very angry with the doctor when she finds out about this. Meanwhile, she manages to build a beautiful relationship with her daughter, and they hug each other.

The story shifts back to the main plot, and we see that it’s December 26th again. Mariana is once again arguing with Ernesto because he didn’t go to Tano’s party today either. We have already discussed that Terresa has already seen Maavi being intimate with her security guard, and she shares this information with Mariana.

Mariana returns home and apologizes to Ernesto. While they are being romantic, Mariana receives a call about the incident at Tano’s house. Dr. and Mariana rush to the accident scene. Dr. checks all the bodies, and episode 3 ends here.

Episode 3 has some slow moments in the show. I’m curious to know if those conversations between Mariana and her daughter have any relevance or not. It will be interesting to see the upcoming episodes. So far, there hasn’t been much in the series.



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