Wilderness Episode 5: Liv is in deep trouble, meanwhile, Garth has been arrested on the charge of murdering his wife. But, what’s the real truth? Let’s find out in the final episode.

Liv is completely broken and needs some help. So, her mother came here to help. On the other side, Garth is captured by the police. Caryl is angry about Will’s affair, but she doesn’t know with whom. She knows everything about Cara’s accident. Will wants to start a new life, but he doesn’t want Caryl to be here. So, he requested Liv to act like everything is fine. Liv doesn’t want to do this; she needs her mother to stay here. But, she fails to stick to her plan and follows what Will wants.

Meanwhile, Detectives are interrogating Garth. In Cara’s locker, they found forty thousand dollars with some ID proofs, and she was also finding a new place to live. This proves that Cara wanted to avoid Garth and start a new life. For Garth, everything is very suspicious because he doesn’t understand what’s actually going on.

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Later, detectives also came to meet with Liv as they saw her in the CCTV footage of the gym. She is doubted by them because she hid this fact. Moving forward from it, we see Liv spending quiet time with her mother. But, Detective Rawlins is strongly doubting Liv. At that moment, two people who were in the hotel saw Cara at night. They informed me that night Cara was upset and went outside; meanwhile, Garth said Cara was with him that night. Detectives can understand that everyone is hiding something.

While Liv and Will go for a dinner date, Caryl is trying to find something. We will know later what she was finding. Liv agreed to move forward with Will as they wanted a baby now. On the other side, the Detective found that Garth called Liv for something urgent, but Liv didn’t reply. Also, Detective Wiseman gave him a ring, which Garth gave to Cara. Someone gave this tip-off last night.

The next day, Caryl met with her daughter Liv. She informed me that Will is trying to cheat on her. She also found the photos that Will hid in her bedroom, and he had an affair with Cara. Liv knows everything, but in front of her mom, she doesn’t want to accept this. Caryl tries to help her and alert her to a fake relationship, but Liv doesn’t want to accept it. So, Caryl moves forward and leaves her daughter alone.

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The detective understood that returning the ring meant that Cara didn’t want Garth and maybe she loved someone else. Garth is broken completely because it’s true that Cara didn’t accept him. The detectives then released him. Feeling Helplessly, Liv went to Ash to share her feelings, and right then Caryl started massaging her. She wanted to give those photos to the police because she wanted to protect her daughter from Will. Liv again met with her mother and took those photos with her. Later, she asked her mother to return her home. As we understand, Liv doesn’t want those photos to be given to the Detective because by doing this, she will be captured for murdering Cara.

When Caryl understood it, she left her daughter and said nobody would harm her.

Liv has those photos; she can blackmail her husband Will. She has a way to save herself from this murder. But things have become different from her imagination. When Liv looked carefully at those photos, she understood that these are not Cara’s photos; instead, in these photos, we can see Marissa. Will also accept this. Marissa is a friend of Cara. So, before the affair with Cara, Will had an affair with Marissa too. One more tragedy before the ending, as Garth also reached their apartment.

So, Garth knows who killed Cara? At that moment, while Liv is trying to call the police, Garth takes away the phone and opens the revolver. He is angry because Liv said all the information against Garth in Cara’s case.

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Will is trying to convince him because he is on the way to kill Liv. Garth understands that Liv must be hiding something. At that moment, Will accepts that he had an affair with Cara. By listening to this, Garth became angry and thrashed Will badly. When Will becomes senseless, Liv comes to help him, but Garth is also trying to kill her.

Just then she gets a hard object near her hand, by, and she hits him hard on the head. So, blood comes up, and Garth dies. One more murder, we witnessed; let’s see what will happen in the last episode.



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