Why Judy Killed RJ: Netflix’s new heist-based series Kaleidoscope is streaming on Netflix with a total of 8 episodes. The fascinating thing about this show is that you can watch any episode, meaning it is not necessary to watch them in sequential order.

This series follows the story of a heist that is worth approximately $7 billion and is led by Leo Pap, aka Ray, In this article, I am going to tell everything about one of the crew members of this heist named RJ, including whether he is dead or alive and more.

What role does RJ play in this Heist?

RJ is a crucial crew member in this heist because he is an expert driver and his role is as a getaway driver. We also find that he is an expert in mechanic things, like how he can easily modify vehicles for the mission, where we require high tech for all this as he is an expert in vehicles.

Who murdered RJ and why?

On the day of the heist, we see that after completing the heist, the crew had split into small groups, Bob wants to take the entire heist money himself, so he took his wife Judy and planned to flee. As we already know, RJ works as the getaway driver. He is at the gate and tries to stop them, but Bob pukes at him and RJ falls.

RJ then fired a shot at Bob, injuring him only slightly. After that, RJ begins shooting him in the head again, but the scene shifts and Judy shoot him, and RJ dies, after that Bob and Judy throw his body near the dustbin.

This is also about the RJ; in this article, I explain everything about the RJ in simple terms. I hope you understand easily. Let me know in the comments if you plan to or have already watched this show.



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