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Ava Mercer Kaleidoscope – Why is Ava Helping The FBI? | Netflix

Ava Mercer Kaleidoscope: Netflix’s unique show Kaleidoscope is now streaming on Netflix, and the unique thing about this show is that you can watch any episode in any order. It tells the story of a large heist worth approximately $7 billion, led by mastermind Leo Pap, aka Ray, and his crew.

As the series is released, viewers are confused by many characters, which I will explain in each article; in this article, I will explain Ava Mercer.

What Role Does Ava play In This Heist?

Ava is the next main crew member in this big heist, and we see that she works as a weapons expert and is an old friend of Ray’s. We also discover that because Ava is more connected to their networks, she can easily obtain fake information and passports for the crew.

How Did Ava Connect With Ray?

Ray trusts Ava the most, as evidenced by the fact that she assisted him with his early heists and is also one of his closest friends. We also see that when Ray is arrested, she takes care of her daughter, and when Ray escapes from prison, it is only Ava who helps him fake his death and gives him a false identity.

Why is Ava assisting the FBI?

Abbasi, an FBI agent, wants to find out the truth about Ava, so she arrested her nanny with the help of ICE. In exchange for her nani’s release, Abbasi blackmailed her and demanded that she provide information about the heists and how they were planned.

Following that, we see in the final heist that Ava assisted the FBI, but we later learn that she gave the FBI incorrect information, and we later learn that Ava took care of her nanny so that ICE would never find out about her.

This is all about Ava Mercer, and I hope you now understand her character in this series. Let me know how much you enjoyed it in the comments section.



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