Judy Actress Name In Kaleidoscope: Judy is one of the supporting characters from Netflix’s unique heist thriller Kaleidoscope, Judy is a chemist and explosives specialist and part of Leo’s Crew., Judy is married to Bob and she plays a crucial role in the show, Now here goes the real name of actress Playing the role and some of her films that you can watch.

Who Played Judy?

Egyptian actress Rosaline Elbay played the role of Judy in the Netflix Web Series Kaleidoscope, Her performance is being loved by the Critics as well as audiences, Now we are going to tell you more about her.

Who is Rosaline Elbay?

Rosaline Elbay is an Egyptian actress, Rosaline Elbay started her career in 2018 in the Films Fork & Knife and Diamond Dust and Tv series like Qabeel, Luebet Al Nesyan, and A24/HULU series Ramy.

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The show is Now Available To Watch On Netflix.



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