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Who Plays ‘Pedro’ In Burning Body? | Character Explained

Who Plays ‘Pedro’ In Burning Body? : Netflix presents an eight-episode Spanish crime thriller series ‘Burning Body,’ which is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi, and English audio, along with subtitles.

This series is based on some real events. The series unveils a murder investigation of a cop and also explores a triangle relationship filled with cheating, affairs, and scandals. Pedro Rodriguez is an important character in this series, so in this article, we will discuss who played this character with an explanation.

In the series, the character of Pedro is played by José Manuel Poga, a 43-year-old Spanish actor. He is especially known for his crucial role in “Money Heist,” but apart from that, he has appeared in series like “Tú también lo harías” (2023), “Fugitiva” (2018), “Bajo sospecha” (2015), and movies like “Infiesto” (2023), “The Endless Trench” (2019), etc.

The series revolves around Pedro Rodriguez, as he is the cop who is being murdered by his own wife, Rosa. Pedro is a possessive guy, and on the other side, Rosa is tangled in an affair with Albert. So, Pedro always tried to keep her in his world, which she didn’t like. That’s why Rosa and Albert killed him. Though he was sensitive and possessive, he loved Rosa too much.

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