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Who Plays ‘Albert’ In Burning Body? | Actor Name, Character Explained

Who Plays ‘Albert’ In Burning Body?”: Netflix presents an eight-episode Spanish crime thriller series ‘Burning Body,’ which is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi, and English audio, along with subtitles.  The show was originally titled ‘El cuerpo en llamas’ and This series is based on some real events. The series mainly revolves around the murder investigation of a cop named Perdo who was Killed.

The show also shows us a relationship filled with cheating, affairs, and scandals. Albert is a crucial character of this series, and by popular request, we are going to discuss who played this character.

In this series, the character of Albert is played by Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez, who is 42 years old. He is especially known for his role in “Money Heist,” but apart from that, he has appeared in movies like “Red Island” (2023), “Jungle Cruise” (2021), “I Love You, Stupid” (2020), “Mist & the Maiden” (2017), “Spy Time” (2015).

He was also seen in “The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles” (2014), etc. He has also acted in series such as “Fleeting Lies” (2023), “The Neighbor” (2019), “El accidente” (2017), “Web Therapy” (2016), “Génesis: en la mente del asesino” (2006), “Poblenou” (1994).

As I mentioned, Albert plays a crucial role in this series, and you can see it throughout the series. He plays the role of a secret lover of Rosa. He was too loyal to confess his love for her, but inside his mind, we can understand his jealousy and hatred. He never wanted to see Pedro as Rosa’s husband.

So, when Rosa decides to kill Pedro, he agrees instantly and does whatever she informs him. Unfortunately, in the end, he was caught due to some mistakes, but he still showed his loyalty by not telling the truth. However, in the end, we see that Rosa betrayed him, so he confessed the truth and moved on. The prosecutor sentenced him to 20 years of imprisonment for murdering Pedro.

That’s everything about Albert. I hope your queries are cleared now.


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