Netflix’s original eight-episode Spanish crime thriller series ‘Burning Body,’ is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi, and English audio, along with subtitles. We have already explained the episode-wise recap of the show and here are the character explanations.

In the series, the character Rosa is played by the popular Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó. The first thing that comes to mind after hearing her name is “Tokyo,” yes! She is the talented actress who played “Tokyo” in the popular series “Money Heist.”

However, she has also appeared in movies like “Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins” (2021), “The Tree of Blood” (2018), “Project Time” (2017), “The Broken Crown” (2016), “Who Killed Bambi?” (2013), etc. She has also acted in series such as “Snatch” (2017), “The Embassy” (2016), “Anchored” (2015), “Isabel” (2012), “Physics or Chemistry” (2008), etc.

The depth of the character Rosa is very profound. We understand her limitless boundaries throughout the series. She is an ambitious woman who dreamed of being a cop and wanted to lead a happy life. But soon, she becomes entangled in affairs and scandals with multiple men.

Her first husband was Javier, who left her because of her secret boyfriend, Albert. For Rosa, Albert is just for her needs, so she doesn’t marry him; instead, she marries Pedro. Living with Pedro, she understood that she couldn’t be happy in this limited world.

So she returned to Albert and started planning to kill Pedro. Not only this, but she also wanted to take custody of her daughter, Sofia, so she also tried to frame her ex-husband, Javi. Rosa was caught at the end of this series, and she is now in jail, suffering for whatever she did.

That’s all about Rosa’s character. Throughout the series, she shines, and Úrsula Corberó again showcases her abilities perfectly. That’s all about the character Rosa; if you have any questions left, you can ask in the comment section.



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