Who Kills Leo In Kaleidoscope? : Eric Garcia’s non-linear heist series Kaleidoscope, which can be watched in any order, can be watched randomly, which means it will feel different for different people. In this article, I am going to tell you about Leo and what happened to him—is he alive or dead?

Leo Pap, aka Ray Vernon, is the man behind this heist. He acts as a professor of heists to the crew, and we also see him as an expert in safe cracking. In this last episode, we see one person following him, which may be the triplet man, and we hear the gunshots, which means the season is over and we can’t see the dead face of Leo or maybe he is alive, which we can determine.

The ending is open and as of now there is no surety that who Kills Leo? or even he is Killed or Not, there is a possibility of season 2, and if it releases, it is only then you get answers to these questions.

Meanwhile? what do you think? who is Killer? Please let us know in the comments.



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