Kaleidoscope ‘Green’ Episode Explained: Episode Green is set seven years before the events of the heist, where we find more details about Leo and his relationships with his cellmate Stan, along with more about Judy.

This episode plays an important role in this series as it introduces something more. In this article, I am going to tell you everything about it.


This episode begins with Leo, who has been in prison for a long time, and we also see Stan, his cellmate in prison who will be released in about 6 months. Stan sells drugs in the form of candy to the prisoners, as well as SIM cards to the prison. After that, Leo and Stan plan to escape from this prison, which we see later.

On the other side, we see that Judy helps Stan with all the things he requires for the prisoner, but one day Judy comes to visit Bob, and we find that they are in a relationship. Stan then intends to flee with Leo.

In the next scene, we see Stan is also working in food management, where he mixes something from flowers and everyone who eats food starts laughing, crying, getting angry, etc. as it is some form of the drug found in mushrooms. After that, they simply left without entering the CCTV rader.

But, at the last gate, Leo’s keys stop working, and we find that Stan caught himself so that Leo could escape, and then Leo successfully escaped but Stan couldn’t. After leaving the main gate, Leo gets inside the doctor’s car so that no one can easily check it, and then he successfully escapes this prison and no one is able to find out.

Ending Explained

Following that, we see Leo walking toward Ava’s house, where we learn that she is helping him with his Parkinson’s disease; he wanted to meet his daughter, Hannah, but she told him that Hannah was doing well, so he refused to meet her. After that, Leo headed to meet her, but she refused. Later, Leo sees that Hannah is working with Roger Sales, which we see in a later episode. After that, Leo writes Hannah a letter in which he asks her to stay because she is her daughter and admits to all of his lyings, which he did, and the episode concludes.

This article fully explains everything about this episode. Let me know in the comment box how much you like this show and whether you are excited to watch it next.



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