What Was Leo’s Plan?- Kaleidoscope – Episode “White” Explained:  In the episode “White,” which is also considered the day of the heist, we see how they plan their heist. In this article, I am going to break down each step of their journey towards this heist and how they successfully completed it.

The first step is taken by Stan, whose role is to successfully drive the truck to the main front gate while remaining unseen due to security cameras, while also preparing to generate the storm with the assistance of Bob, Meanwhile, Leo and Ava knock out the guards because they have already planted smoke through flower plants.

In the next step, we see that Judy goes into the sewers, where her mission is to create lighting with the help of some chemicals so that she can help them through the breakdown of the roof, after which water will enter directly into Safe and create a flood.

After that, Leo prepares for the next stage, where he has already created a mask of Roger’s face for passing the security check of face recognition. and for the gait sensor, which means it follows the pattern of people moving and detects if it is real or if someone else is trying. Leo uses bees to disrupt the pattern, and he successfully passes the trails and reaches his near-final mission.

The next step is to maintain and stabilize the temperature, and for that, they had to create a flood of water into the vault. After stabilizing Stan, Leo, and Bob, they are now working on the mission to open the vault or safe, which they did successfully.

In the final step, Ava loads the goods into the elevator, which transports them to the mailroom, where their RJ loads them into the truck, and they flee.

This is a list of all the plans for this epic heist. Let me know how much you enjoy this show in the comments section, and click here for more articles about it.



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