Who Is Mr. Giannutri In 7 Women And A Murder?: 7 Women And A Murder has been released on Netflix and while it is a murder mystery all throughout, it presents to us an ensemble of female characters making it an all-female film, here we are going to tell you about who is Mr. Giannutri in the film, The Lover of Margherita and Verona.

However, there’s one male character in the film that was being mentioned repeatedly other than Marcello and that is Mr. Giannutri who turns out to be quite a player. If you’re curious about who he is and what role he plays, you’re at the right place.

Mr. Giannutri is the newest business associate Marcello and both are on very good terms. So much so that he comes over to Marcello’s a lot to the extent that he’s being called “Omnipresent Mr. Giannutri” by Caterina. He especially comes over when he realizes that Maria is cooking dinner.

In the middle of the film when Margherita and Verona are talking about their lives and how each of them had decided to leave, they tell each other the name of their present lover and it turns out that both of them have fallen for the same person, Mr. Giannutri and fight over him. Mr. Giannutri turns out to be quite a player and has been playing with two women.

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However, in the end, the women ask Sussana who came home to give the news of her pregnancy and if the child is of Mr. Giannutri, Sussana answers in a disgusting manner that she isn’t that desperate. Otherwise, it would make for a whole lot of funnier things.

7 Women And A Murder is currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.



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