A Night at the Kindergarten Review: Netflix has released a new dark comedy film named “A Night at the Kindergarten.” Just like its title, this film’s story feels unique and fresh for the viewers as it shows how parenting is tough for the parents, which will be discussed in this article.

The film Night at the Kindergarten has a runtime of approximately 97 minutes, and we will see in this review whether or not it fully satisfies my thrust of watching films. Is this film still watchable or unique to watch, as the trailer suggests? Now, let’s look at the review, where you get your complete answer.

As the plot suggests, this film follows the story of the lead character, Eryk; when the film started, we saw him as a person who hated kids. Later, we find out that his girlfriend had a son named Tytus, which is not Eryk. For the sake of his girlfriends, he decided to go to the meeting at the Tytus kindergarten school. What happens at kindergarten, and how does he learn everything there is to know about this child as well as more about parenting than we see in this film?

This film shows how parenting is important for every child, as a single mistake can change the lives of the children completely, which feels unique to its concept. On the other side, this film feels clumsy, which makes me bored with the parenting lesson.

Now, on the other things, such as the comedy, which feels funny and keeps you hooked up, while the visuals look perfect, as Netflix is known for having the best visuals. But the cinematography and camera angle feels dull. as a camera angle, which makes it appear as if it is shot in many cuts, making the experience dull.

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Aside from that, the story is perfect to watch with a unique concept, whereas the back story of the parents, which feels good to watch, does not feel like they strayed more than other things, such as the characters, which are more of a reason why this feels detached from any character.

Rating: is 3/5

A Night at the Kindergarten is a lighthearted comedy that teaches parents about parenting and why it is important for their children. We also see how this affects the single parent’s life. This film is perfect to watch for comedy viewers, whereas for others, this is a one-time watch with a good lesson that you must check out during holiday time.

A Night At The Kindergarten is currently available on Netflix in Hindi, English, and Polish with English subtitles.



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