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Who is Irene, And What Was Her Purpose? Skull Island Explained

Who is Irene, And What Was Her Purpose?: Netflix Original presents an American animated adventure series “Skull Island” from the Monsterverse franchise. The series is created and written by Brian Duffield. Before discussing Irene’s purpose, let’s know about the summary of the series.

This series is based on Monsterverse and tells us the journey of a group of explorers trapped on Skull Island where they encounter mysterious creatures along with King Kong and his enemies.

We see Irene in the second episode where Cap meets her. She says that she was on a cruise that was attacked by a sea monster. But Cap doubts if she was on the cruise, that’s why the guards are with her. Later, we understand that she is actually with the guards trying to find Annie because Annie is her own daughter. Annie lost her daughter years ago with her husband, and Irene has also made a graveyard for her daughter.

Later, some people inform her about the ship they found near the island, which was her husband’s ship. She goes there to find her daughter. She tranquilizes Annie, making her unconscious, and captures her. This is how she captures her and tries to take her back home until the sea monster attacks and Annie leaves the ship because Annie doesn’t know that Irene is her own mother.

Irene only tries to kill the dog because whenever she tries to take Annie, the dog comes up and kills the guards. This makes Irene angry. At the end of Episode 6, she finally reveals that she is Annie’s mother.

Later, Annie and her dog accept her. At the end of the series, she rescues Annie and takes her to the hospital.



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