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Skull Island Episode 4: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained

Skull Island Episode 4: In the middle of the forest, they are trapped, searching for breakfast, but Annie is with them. On the other hand, Irene has to capture her. Let’s see what is going to happen in this episode. As we discuss the episode-wise recap, let’s know about Episode 4.

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Everyone wants breakfast. Mike is suffering from injuries. But Mike is tired of this forest and these mysterious creatures. Soon, they encounter a bird-like creature. They want to kill it, but Annie’s dog jumps over it and kills it. They finally find their breakfast. While having breakfast, they chat, and Annie tells them how she met the dog. He was just a puppy and became a close friend.

While they are talking, they don’t realize that Charlie has vanished. Charlie falls into a big hole, which is very deep. Charlie finds a sword in the hole, and later Mike joins him as Annie’s dog isn’t there to save them. When they are trapped in there, they hear the big monkey. There is also a bug’s skull, which is taken by something. It’s a big, huge creature. Charlie tries to stab it, but the sword is too old to help him.

Later, Annie pretends to be dying and yells for help. Soon, her dog comes out and saves everyone from that bug. After they come out of the hole, the dog senses the presence of some guards, and she tries to leave there.

On the other side, Cap, Irene, and her team are trying to find Annie because they fixed a tracker. Here, Charlie shares his experience of once seeing something big, like a dragon or eel, while on a ship. Soon, they enter a field surrounded by beautiful flowers. When Irene tries to see a flower, suddenly it rises up and takes her into its mouth.

They cut the flower and save her. Cap later gives them an idea of the Hollow Earth, which is an ecosystem within the Earth. There is no lava, only Monsterland. So, Irene is a botanist, but she isn’t here for Hollow Earth or something; she is just trying to find the little girl. The cap is very curious about it. And finally, they track down the girl, but Cap is afraid that Irene might shoot her.

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While Annie is leaving with her dog, she, unfortunately, falls into Irene’s plan. They reach the field where the bird resides, and the bird might take the dog with it so that they can capture the girl without interruption. What is going to happen? Will they tackle the plan or fall into it? Let’s find out in the next episode.


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