Who Is Guy At The End? - The Brothers Sun Post Credit Scene Explained

Who Is Guy At The End? – The Brothers Sun Post Credit Scene Explained | Netflix

The Brothers Sun Post Credit Scene Explained: The Brothers Sun is an action-adventure american comedy-drama series which is created by created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu this show follows the story around the Sun family where the main foucs of this show is around Charles Sun whose mission is to save his mother and Brother named Bruce Sun and more we see in this show.

In this article, i will covers all the details about the post-credits scene of this show, where i will covers details about the details of this show that what happened in the post-scene of this show in this article.

In the last episode, we see that Alexis finds the information about the arrest warrant of Frank Ma and agrees to collaborate only if Big Sun is arrested where Bruce and Eileen are hiding in the hotel and Eileen becomes angry but Charles attacks Bruce but she cann’t able to pull the trigger of the gun and Big Sun send his people to kill Bruce.

After that, In the Post Credit, we introduced with the character named Yuan who is the right hand of the Big Sun and after that Bruce is being arrested his father named Big Sun Beside that Mama sun try is best to become the head of the Dragon im Taipei and Chalres Sun finds his location in the city of Angels.

Where Yuan is being discovered about the plot of Alexis and we finds that FBI has arrested Frank Ma and someone try to be the leader of Jade Dragon beside that Frank Ma tries to incriminate the Big Sun and Yuan has option to choose between Ma and there is an option to bring Big Sun by killing Ma and only option is to release Big Sun.

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This is all the details about the post credits scene of this show, hope you finds your all details and let me know in this series how much you like this show.


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