Did Bruce Sun Kill His Father? : The Brothers Sun is an American black comedy action drama series which is created by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu and we see the story of the Sun family where we see the plot around Bruce Sun who is the eldest son of the family where a group of masked man attacked Bruce and able to assassinate his father and more about his family we see in this show.

In this article, I am going to explain the plot details about Bruce Sun and his father Big Sun, and more details about them which we see in this article.

As the story moves, we see that Mama Sun and Charles are being upset after Bruce blows their covers where they again reconcile and come together as a family and he reveals that he wants to stay with Bruce and Mama Sun, but Big Sun refuses to give him his blessing to leave the gang.

After that, we see that his father sends Xing to kill them and Charles tracks after her and shoots her car and being their police arrest Charles, while Mama Sun chokes Xing to death during the attack. Where we see that Bruce accidentally shoots his father Big Sun and Charles causes him as injured.

Later, we see that Eileen is a nurse who hides herself as a nurse to change his medical records and administer insulin and leaving him weak and unable to move or speak where we see that Big Sun praises Bruce’s bravery and aimlessly puts a bullet in his father’s chest and cause him to wail.

This is all the details about the explanation of this question and hope you can find the details and more whereas this show is now streaming on Netflix.



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