Alexis Kong In 'The Borthers Sun' Character

Alexis Kong In ‘The Borthers Sun’ Character Explained – Actress Name

Alexis Kong In ‘The Borthers Sun’: The Brothers Sun is an American action thriller-drama black comedy series, which is by Mikkel Bondesen and Kevin Tancharoen, currently available on Netflix. The show follows around the Sun family where we see that the eldest son of the Sun Family travels to Los Angeles to protect his mother and younger brother after his father’s assassination.

In this article, I am going to talk about the character of this show named Alexis Kong where I will cover all the details about this character in this article.

In this show, we see that Alexis is a district attorney and is investigating a case that leads her to cross paths with her Taiwanese childhood friend Charles where we see that they have a history, and Alexis visits Charles at his Sun house to discuss the situation where we finds that Alexis knows his father’s identity.

The Scene shifts, and we see that Alexis wants to Alexis wants to work with Charles, but he declines to work with the police and we find that Alexis saves Charles post-bombing and Bruce’s Mandarin is not good which leads to the man’s attempt to say his mom’s nickname and shoot and kill Blood Boots.

Later, we see that Bruce saves the day by getting Eileen’s entire Majong team to his mom’s holding and having a fight with Alexis and Charles returns home to discuss the events Where Alexis negotiates with Charles to give him freedom if he surrenders Big Sun’s location but Charles refuses.

In this show, Highdee Kuan portrayed the role of Bruce Sun whereas we have already seen her in the Netflix popular series You and also in shows like This is Us, Quantum Loop, and movies like to Fear the Night and more.


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