Who Called Priscilla at the End In Secret Invasion Episode 3? | Recap And Explained

Who Called Priscilla at the End: Marvel Studios presents a six-episode superhero series called “Secret Invasion,” which is currently streaming on Hotstar. One episode is available now, with the others releasing on a weekly basis.

In this article, we will discuss a recap of the episode 3. But before diving into the recap, let’s provide a quick overview of the series. The story is set in the present day, where Nick Fury teams up with Maria Hill and Talos to prevent a secret invasion of Skrulls and save the people of Earth. You can also check the recap and Ending of episode 2.

Pagon and Beto, the new Skrulls introduced in the first episode, are ready for a chaotic mission. Pagon hands them some files containing details about British Navy officers. It’s mentioned on the top of the files that they belong to the “National Service of Great Britain.” Pagon and Beto are ordered to eliminate and replace these officers with Skrulls. Later, they head to the Royal Navy.

Members of the Council meet with Gravik in his secret lab. Gravik reveals that his plan to conquer Earth is already in progress, and he mentions that three armies have been dispatched to further this plan. Their main strategy involves using British submarines to attack the United Nations. Additionally, Gravik mentions that Dr. Rosa Dalton is conducting experiments that not only change appearance but also grant superpowers to Skrulls, creating “Super Skrulls.” Their ultimate goal is to start another world war, wiping out humanity.

In 1998, in New York City, Nick goes to a coffee shop to meet Varra. Interestingly, she wears the same engagement ring that Nick later uses in episode 2. It is revealed that Varra eventually marries Nick and becomes Priscilla Fury. Returning to the present, Mr. and Mrs. Fury are in the kitchen making breakfast. Priscilla asks Nick about the emergency that brought him back to Earth. Nick conceals the reason, but he also asks Priscilla if she met with Gravik in his absence. Priscilla hides something, expressing her grief when Nick wasn’t present. During their conversation, Priscilla’s phone rings, but she seems to avoid answering it. Nick urges her to pick up the call.

On the other side, Gravik meets with G’iah as he suspects someone in their team is informing the police about their plans. He mentions that only he, G’iah, Pagon, and Beto know crucial information. Gravik thinks Brogan is the one leaking information because she might have divulged it under police torture. They head to meet Talos, and during a phone call, Gravik reveals that the UN plane will be at Neptune’s coordinates at 22:00 hours. G’iah immediately relays this message to her father.

Gravik and Talos meet in an art museum. Talos pleads with Gravik to stop killing innocent people on Earth, but Gravik threatens him using G’iah’s name. Talos becomes angry and grabs Gravik’s collar. Surprisingly, all the people present in the art gallery transform themselves into copies of Gravik. Talos sits down, and Gravik proceeds with his plan to kill people. Talos tries to reason with him but fails to change his mind. Talos, however, requests that Gravik not involve her daughter in the conflict. Talos places a knife on Gravik’s hand, revealing an extreme healing ability that quickly heals the wound.

Talos meets with Nick and informs him about a Skrull disguised as a US government agent. He asks for Talos’ help, and Talos shares the information he obtained from his daughter. Talos discovers that “Neptune” refers to a British submarine. Nick immediately contacts Sonya to gather more details about “Neptune.” He also reveals that “Neptune” is planning to launch an attack on the UN delegation to trigger World War 3. Sonya informs him that when she was being interrogated in a meat shop, someone leaked her location. The informant is Commodore Robert Fairbanks, known as “Bob.”

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Nick and Talos head to meet Bob. A silent attack on Bob’s house adds to the episode’s intensity. Later, Nick finds out that Bob has already captured Talos, but Nick enters the room by holding Bob’s son at gunpoint. Bob allows Talos to go free to ensure his son’s safety. Talos and Nick need a code from Bob to deactivate the missile strike plan. However, Talos kills Bob without obtaining the code. Talos immediately contacts his daughter to ask for the passcode to terminate the attack.

Meanwhile, G’iah is captured by Gravik while leaving the Skrulls’ location. G’iah reveals that their armies are trapped in the navy office, suggesting that their mission has failed. However, Gravik informs her that the mission wasn’t a failure; it was planned to expose the “mole” within their group. He shoots her, potentially marking the end of G’iah’s role, which is quite disappointing.

Secret Invasion Episode 1
Secret Invasion Episode 1

In another storyline, Priscilla leaves her home after receiving a call and retrieves a gun from a locker box. She receives another call, instructing her to meet at St. James Church in one hour. Priscilla expresses her desire to speak with Gravik, but the man on the phone denies her request, stating that she can share whatever she wants to say with him.

Based on the available information, we can speculate that Priscilla is talking with Pagon, considering her desire to communicate with Gravik. It’s possible that she received a call instructing her to assassinate Nick Fury. The episode revealed that during Nick’s absence, Priscilla met with Gravik, making it highly likely that she is involved with them. This explains why Priscilla is surprised by Fury’s sudden appearance and questions his return to Earth.

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Although this episode was good, it didn’t reach its full potential. However, we might witness some unbelievable developments because Gravik and his team are working on special abilities. The episode hints at Gravik possessing extreme healing capabilities. But, unfortunately, there is a major disappointment when Gravik discovers G’iah’s betrayal and shoots her. Whether G’iah’s story truly ends remains uncertain, but if her death is genuine, it feels like a waste of Emilia Clarke’s talent.

Nonetheless, let’s eagerly anticipate the next episode to see what surprises await us.


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