Revenant Episode 2: In the first episode of the series, we saw the shadow of Hyun-Woo’s evil and now San-Yeong wants to get rid of it. What will happen in the next episode? Here, we will recap the second episode of the series.

Let’s get started;

The episode begins with Hae-Sang visiting the house of the deceased boy, Hyun-Woo. However, as soon as he enters the building, the boy’s parents show up and start questioning him about entering someone else’s house. Hae-Sang quickly leaves and goes to the back of the house.

Through a small window, he sees a girl sitting in the corner. Just as he tries to help her, Hyun-Woo’s father hits him on the head with a rod, causing him to lose consciousness. They tie him up and keep him in the same room as the girl.

When Hae-Sang wakes up, he manages to free himself from the ropes and tells the girl to escape. As the parents approach the room, he holds the door and informs the girl that her brother asked him to save her. However, the window is too high for the girl to climb.

Meanwhile, San-Yeong is on the other side of the street and sees the shadow of Hyun-Woo. Initially, she thinks he is attacking her, but upon closer inspection, she realizes he is pointing in a direction. She follows his guidance and finds Hae-Sang with the girl. They rescue the girl, and Hae-Sang mentions that he can no longer see Hyun-Woo’s shadow because his mission was to save his sister, which is now accomplished.

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On the other hand, Hong-Sae is assigned as the head detective for the suicide case of the phishing guy. It appears that he knows San-Yeong and has an unrequited love for her, so he doesn’t want her to be involved in the case.

The next day, San-Yoeng goes to one of her part-time jobs as a mover and packer. A girl there is crying because her doll is missing. Later, we see that San-Yoeng has taken the doll home and is talking in a strange voice while scratching the doll’s face. Suddenly, she snaps back to consciousness and realizes she was possessed by an evil spirit. Shocked by her reflection in the mirror, she desperately wants to get rid of it.

Meanwhile, Hae-Sang asks his mother if San-Yeong has touched anything like an antique or similar, and his mother mentions the ribbon San-Yeong’s grandmother showed her.

The Ending

Hae-Sang goes to San-Yeong’s grandmother’s house, but before he can ask her something, he finds her hanging there. San-Yeong also arrives because she had strange visions about her grandmother earlier. She calls emergency services, but it’s too late—her grandmother has already passed away.

San-Yeong believes that all these events are happening because of her and fears that everyone she knows will die one by one. She contemplates ending her own life, but Hae-Sang stops her and assures her they will find a solution together.

Hae-Sang then reveals his past to San-Yeong. In 1995, when his father died, his mother didn’t take him to the hospital but instead buried something every day in a specific place. One day, they heard a knock on the door, and for the first time, Hae-Sang saw a ghost. After that, he woke up in the hospital, and his grandmother informed him that his mother had died by suicide. He learned that his mother wanted to bury that red ribbon in her final attempt.

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Now, they must go to the past to uncover the exact reason behind all of this. After hours of searching, they find a location in 1958 in Jangjin-Ri. A woman carrying a red ribbon is searching for someone and brings raw meat. However, as soon as the person moves, a shaman stabs him, and the episode ends.



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