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Secret Invasion Episode 2: Recap, Summary and Ending Explained

Secret Invasion Episode 2: Marvel Studios presents a six-episode superhero series called “Secret Invasion,” which is currently streaming on Hotstar. One episode is available now, and the others will be released on a weekly basis.

In this article, we will discuss a recap of episode 2. But before starting the recap, let’s have a quick overview of the series. The series is set in the present day, where Nick Fury joins forces with Maria Hill and Talos to prevent the secret invasion of Skrulls and save the people of Earth.

The story begins in 1995, showing how Nick Fury met Talos and other Skrull people. In 1997, in Brixton, London, Varra, a Skrull, introduces Gravik to Nick. Gravik’s parents were killed in the last stand against the Kree, so he managed to escape from behind enemy lines and pilot a ship on his own. This proves Gravik’s intelligence, and Varra believes he can help them. However, Nick thinks Gravik is still a child.

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Despite knowing the danger, Gravik wants to join Nick Fury because he understands his parents’ sacrifice. Twenty Skrulls are on Earth because they believe in Nick Fury’s cause. Nick believes that humans and Skrulls can help each other. He tells the Skrulls to save Earth while he and Talos find a new world for the Skrulls. Soren, Carol’s wife, pledges to help them, and others follow suit. Nick Fury assures them that he will keep his promise.

Now let’s return to the present. At the end of the first episode, there was a blast in which Maria Hill died, and people were running to save their lives. Gravik and G’iah left the scene. Talos saved Nick Fury and put him in a car. Later, on a train heading from Moscow to Warsaw, Russian guards searched for Nick Fury, questioning a lady who was actually Talos in disguise. During the train journey, Nick shares memories of his childhood train journeys with his mom, where they used to play a game. Nick starts playing the same game with Talos and asks Talos to say something he doesn’t know about the destruction of Skrullos.

Talos, following the game’s rules, reveals how the Skrulls were overpowered by the Kree and tried to hold them off as long as they could. Despite their efforts, some Skrulls managed to escape the planet. Nick then asks about the Skrulls who left, and Talos explains that all Skrulls not in Emperor Drogge’s Colony came to Earth. Talos wants Skrulls and humans to live together peacefully on Earth, but Nick believes it’s not possible. Nick meets Elizabeth, Maria Hill’s mother, and informs her about the trap that led to Maria’s death. Elizabeth becomes upset and seeks revenge, ordering Nick to take revenge for her daughter.

Meanwhile, tensions rise between Moscow and America, with Moscow suspecting America’s involvement in the bomb blast. G’iah and Gravik attend a council meeting, where Gravik wants to see the councilors’ reactions during this heated situation. G’iah waits outside while Gravik joins the councilors’ meeting. The councilors confront Gravik about disobeying their orders and murdering 2,000 innocent humans and children. Gravik explains that Nick promised them assistance but never followed through, abandoning them.

Gravik declares his intention to conquer Earth and wage war. NATO Commander Sergio becomes angry as he opposes Gravik’s rule. After the meeting, all the councilors reveal themselves as Skrulls except for Shirley, who leaves the meeting. Shirley informs Talos about Gravik’s actions and asks for a meeting to discuss G’iah. Later, Gravik returns to the Skrull base.

Next, we see General Pagon meeting with Rosa in a lab, where he mentions that “Harvest” was not there. Rosa explains that they only have a few DNA samples left. Pagon reveals that all the locations Gravik provided for harvesting were empty. Dr. Rosa Dalton is conducting an experiment that has not been revealed yet.

Colonel Rhodes denies the claim that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were present in the bomb blast. He suggests they may have been on a personal trip and had no serious involvement in the explosion. He believes Nick is falsely accused and not proven guilty. Nick meets Rhodes and explains that Moscow’s bomb blast is just the beginning, as the Skrulls are planning a major invasion. He asks Rhodes for help. After Maria Hill’s death, they want to strip Nick Fury of his title and remove him from the equation.

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Meanwhile, a woman meets a man who captured the Skrull bomber, Brogan, in the Moscow blast. The woman interrogates him by cutting one of his fingers. Brogan initially refuses to speak, but the woman informs him that everyone talks when their blood reaches 160°C. She subjects him to a biochemical imperative, causing him great suffering. Under this influence, Brogan reveals that Gravik is operating secretly and is building a machine to make Skrulls stronger. He also mentions that a couple of scientists known as the “Daltons” are assisting them.

On the other side, G’iah is conducting research, but Gravik interrupts and suspects her motives. However, he eventually reveals that he has discovered Brogan’s location. Gravik and his team invade the meat shop where Brogan was held captive, engaging in a deadly fight sequence. The woman interrogating Brogan escapes through a secret passage in the meat shop. Gravik’s team rescues Brogan, who clarifies that everything he said to the woman was false. Following Gravik’s orders, Pagon kills Brogan, as Gravik believes he might have revealed something.

In the end, Nick arrives at his house in his vintage car and meets Priscilla Fury, who is cutting vegetables in the form of a Green Skrull. When Nick enters the kitchen, she changes her appearance to Priscilla Fury. She asks Nick, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Nick then puts on his wedding ring.

So, does Nick Fury already know that she is a Skrull? The answer is yes. After the events of “Captain Marvel,” Nick married Priscilla, and both Priscilla and Talos have been helping Nick Fury promote Skrull unity. We see the diamond engagement ring from their marriage, and it has been 30 years since they tied the knot.

Meanwhile, the Dalton couple is working on something for the Skrulls. With many mysteries yet to be revealed, episode 2 concludes. Let’s wait for the next episode, which will be available next week. In the meantime, you can enjoy the first two episodes of “Secret Invasion,” currently streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar with multiple languages and subtitles.


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