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Secret Invasion Episode 1: Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Secret Invasion Episode 1: Marvel Studios presents a six-episode superhero series, “Secret Invasion,” currently streaming on Hotstar. The first episode is available now, with others released on a weekly basis.

Before diving into the recap of episode 1, let’s have a quick overview of the series. The story is set in the present day, where Nick Fury teams up with Maria Hill and Talos to prevent a secret invasion of Skrulls and save the people of Earth.

The episode starts in present-day Moscow, with Everett Ross having a conversation with Agent Prescod. Prescod appears to be afraid of some danger and mentions five global terrorist strikes that occurred in the past years. He believes that these attacks are escalating day by day and suspects that the Skrulls are behind the planning. According to him, the Skrulls arrived on Earth 30 years ago when Carol Danvers and Nick Fury promised them a new planet. Now, the Skrulls live on Earth as shapeshifters, capable of assuming any form at any time.

Prescod becomes furious and suggests that there may be thousands of Skrulls living in the world. However, Ross believes that since the Skrulls came to Earth because of Nick Fury, they must be allies. In this scene, he mentions that Nick Fury is on “S.A.B.E.R” and would need strong evidence to return to Earth. Prescod hands him a tabloid, assuming it to be something significant. However, he doesn’t trust anyone other than Ross. At that moment, Prescod attacks Ross but fails to subdue him.

Ross escapes from the room, unaware that an unknown person is following him. He seeks help from Maria Hill, who instructs him to meet her at Academica Metro Station, six blocks northeast. The unknown person, a Russian, tries to capture Ross, resulting in a thrilling chase that ends with Ross falling from a building. The unknown person then reveals himself as a Skrull named Talos, while Ross also transforms into a Skrull. However, Talos clarifies that Ross is different from the others.

Later, we see Nick Fury finally arriving on Earth and meeting with Maria Hill. They both go to meet Talos, who has brought a plant called “Santo Milika” from the Skrull Sky Planet, given to him by Soren. They share their grief over Soren’s situation. Nick asks about Gravik, but Talos explains that after the Blip, Fury changed, Carol Danvers disappeared, and so did G’iah. G’iah, Talos’s daughter, is angry because Skrulls no longer have a home. Talos has also been kicked out of the Council and forced into exile, while Gravik took Fury’s abandonment particularly hard.

Gravik is now a member of the Skrull Council and preys on the collective rage of young displaced Skrulls. He is currently in Russia, where Skrulls are immune to radioactivity, and Russia has the highest number of abandoned nuclear plants on Earth. Agent Ross’s imposter tries to cover up their plans, but Prescod intercepts the schematics for a radioactive bomb.

Prescod is monitoring a radical group called AAR (American against Russia), believing them to be the next Skrull front for a terrorist attack. Gravik intends to start a war between Russia and the US, which Talos suspects would result in the eradication of humanity. Meanwhile, Rhodes informs the President that Fury has left S.A.B.E.R., and he tries to decode a secret message between Hill and Nick. Rhodes mentions that both Hill and Fury are AWOL, and the President advises dealing with the situation.

While walking at night, Fury is captured by an unknown man but is later rescued by Sonya Falsworth. Sonya is attempting to quell the Skrull rebellion. Nick seeks to team up with her, and during their conversation, a secret camera is revealed hidden in the eye of an eagle monument.

In an abandoned place, an unknown man meets with G’iah and invites her to join the new Skrulls. The man’s name is Beto, but he has trouble remembering when he last ate. G’iah mentions that in this place, they can drink Skrull wine and wear Skrull skins. They arrive at a location where Skrulls live openly without fear, with their numbers reaching around 500 members. However, they also engage in kidnapping people, assuming their identities and controlling their minds.

Pagon seems to be in control of this place, possibly working under Gravik. Later, Pagon informs Gravik that Fury is now in the city. Pagon orders G’iah to deliver cash to an address and deal with Poprishchin, with no one else involved. Then, G’iah is instructed to take two bags and deliver them to a safe house in Moscow. However, Nick and Talos also arrive at the location to meet G’iah and inquire about the bomb. Unfortunately, they end up without any clues.

On the other side, Maria Hill suspects G’iah and begins chasing her. However, G’iah proves to be clever and eventually meets with her father, Talos. Talos asks her to hand over the bomb, but she refuses. Instead, she hands it over to Gravik, urging him to stop the attack. Later that night, she meets her father again, only to discover that she has unknowingly been working under her mother’s killer. G’iah reveals that the blast is already planned, involving three bombs, and Gravik is aware that Talos will be present. She also reveals the target of the attack.

The next day, G’iah carries two bags and sprays infrared to identify better, handing the bags to another individual. While everyone is busy chasing the bomber, Nick discovers some anonymous shapeshifting Skrulls who turn out to be Gravik. On the other side, Hill and Talos realize that the bomber has no bomb because Gravik has already detonated one at a social gathering. Gravik, disguised as Nick Fury, shoots Hill.

Thus, episode 1 ends with a significant loss. Nick now faces a formidable opponent in Gravik, a powerful Skrull. Let’s see how Nick seeks revenge and what unfolds in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the first episode streaming on Hotstar, available in multiple languages along with subtitles.



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