Who Are The Seven And What Are Their Powers: In The Witcher Blood Origin, we see seven strangers from the worlds of humans, monsters, and elves band together and learn to trust one another in order to stop an empire that is difficult to defeat.

This article will explain who these seven are and what their abilities are.

Michelle Yeoh As Scian

Scian is the only survivor of the Ghost Trible, and she serves as Eile’s swordmaster and trains her for combat. As for power, Scian is known as the master of the blade, as she can defeat multiple warriors at once with one shot.

Lizzie Annis as Zacare

Zacare lives with her celestial twin, Syndrill, in a forest that is surrounded by a marsh, where they are protected by the mist. She had the ability to use magic to heal people as one of her powers.

Zac Wyatt as Syndril

Syndril lives with her twin sister Zacara in the forest, which is under the control of Marsh. As for the power, Syndril helps Zacara control their magical abilities and works together as a team to get more powers to use.

Sophia Brown as Eile

Eile lived in the Raven Clan, where she was trained to protect the royal family of the elven people with her life. In terms of her abilities, she possesses an expertly captivating voice that she uses to inspire hope in elves, as well as being a well-trained and skilled fighter who can kill people with knives and a sword.

Meldof Is Played By Francesca Mills

Meldof lived in the mountains and lived with the elves, as she is a dwarf by birth; these are hunted by the Golden Emir. As for her power, Meldof is highly skilled and extremely dangerous with her Warhammer, with which she can demolish anyone.

Huw Novelli as Brother Death

Brother Death lives in the Golden Empire, and he seeks vengeance on the empire because they have taken his village, where he is in love with Zacarias. In terms of power, Brother Death is skilled at killing people with his cleaver while remaining undetected, and he is also a tracker for location.

Laurence O’Fuarin, as Fjall

Fjall lives in the elven empire, where he serves as a warlord and also provides safety for the Xintrean princess Merwyn. As for powers, Fjall is known as the top fighter and an expert in swinging and playing with an axe to kill people.

All the details about the seven are included in this article. Let me know in the comments if you’re looking forward to The Witcher: Blood Origin and if you’ve seen the show, The Witcher: Blood Origin will premiere exclusively on Netflix on December 25, 2022, with four-part episodes available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu with subtitles.



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