After the success of The Witcher, Netflix is back with the prequel to this series, named The Witcher Blood Origin, where we see the story set before the events of The Witcher around 1200 years ago. In this prequel series, we know the origin story of the creation of the first witcher and also learn about the ancient Elven civilization, which is now in decline.

We also see how seven strangers from different cultures are going to unite and trust each other so that they can fight to stop an unstoppable empire.

In The Witcher: Blood Origin, we see the mighty empires of the Elven civilization, as we have already seen in the Witcher series, where the elves are trying to rebuild their kingdom, which was destroyed during the war between humans and elves with monsters. We also see that elves are currently living in Cintra as a refuge and for their protection. So, in this prequel, we see how they created their empires and ruled them, which are now being demolished.

What Is The Conjunction Of The Spheres?

While watching this prequel, we may feel what it means. Now, for those who want to know if you’ve seen the witcher, you may find out, but for those who are new, as in season 2, we see that there is a dangerous and large multiverse that could be explored, which leads to the world where many monsters live, whom the witcher hunts and may destroy.

In this prequel, we see the origin of the Witcher and how they interact with the confluence of the sphere. Due to the coincidence, as we see in the Prequel series, there is a chance that a witcher will be created to aid in the defeat of an enemy and the monster, who travels between worlds.

The Witcher Blood Origin is set to release worldwide only on Netflix with a total of 4 episodes and will stream in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu languages on December 25, 2022.



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