Scare Package 2 Ending Explained (Scare Package II): Scare Package 2 Rad Chad’s Revenge is Finally available on Shudder, The story of the film was Pretty Average but still, there were some sequences where the film May confuse you.

Here I will try to explain the ending and will try to answer some of the questions which may sound answered to You, these are my Ending Explain and Easter Eggs I Found In This Movie.

Is Rad Chad Dead?

The movie starts with the funeral of Rad, who died in the first part, but suddenly things change when everyone trap inside the room and has to play death games to survive and also needs to watch horror Short films. In the end, we got to know that Rad is alive and he is not dead. But why he did it?

Why Rad Chad Play Did This?

Rad Chad did this because he’s a hard-core horror and slasher fan, that’s why he makes a plan to kill all the horror and slasher haters by killing them in a slasher theme.

Is Jessie and Dwight Alive?

At the end of the movie, It’s Dwight and Jessie Who survive but Rad locks them in that place, and I don’t think they’re going to die easily. If Shudder makes part 3 of Scare Package then we might see Jessie and Dwight alive.

Easter Eggs of all the Horror, thriller, and Slasher Films, I’m not a big horror fan, but I found these Easter Eggs.

Escape Room & Saw

The first Film is also based on This theme, where all people trap in a place and need to find ways to escape from that and it’s very similar to Escape Room and Saw Movie Franchise.

Chainsaw Man & Attack on Titans

I know you can’t believe this but yes in one of the short films Called Special Edition, we can see that the killer is literally looking like Chainsaw Man, but they just changed his hand from a saw to some other things and his face, but trust me it’s literally looking like Chainsaw Man.

In The movie, we also see a man who literally starts looking like a Titan after his skin is cut by a chain.

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Scream and Halloween

In The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back Again, a short film it’s also the sequel to “The Night He Came Back Again! Part IV: The Final Kill”, we got to know who the killer is Brother of Daisy, and he can’t be dead because he’s an evil entity, and it’s a big reference to Halloween, Michael Myers also can’t be killed because he’s also an Evil Entity and he’s also the Brother of the protagonist.

As the professor reveals that his brother can’t be killed, someone kills the professor and his husband of Daisy. We got to know that it’s actually one of their friends of Daisy, who got killed in the first part but he’s actually alive, and the way they portray the character it’s very similar to the Scream movie franchise.

Virgin Girl Theory

If you’re a slasher fan then you definitely knew about this Virgin Girl Theory, where all the girl who survives at the end of slasher films are Virgins. In the First Anthology Short film, we got a clear hint about this.

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If you find more Easter Eggs then Comment and let us know.



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