Whispers Season 2 Netflix: Netflix recently released a brand new and it’s first Saudi Arabian series which garnered attention as it vowed to break the stereotypes and boundaries regarding the Saudi people.

The show notably did a great job in the cinematography as they didn’t take the orthodox method of telling the story straight but instead told it from different perspectives of different people which also helped the audience to get attached to each and every character. Primarily featuring a cast of strong females and helmed by Saudi Arabian filmmaker Hana Alomair, fans already want to know the details of a ‘Whispers’ season 2.  Let’s talk about it!

What Can It Be About

Whispers’ is a psychological thriller that revolves around a family grappling with the death of the patriarch, Hassan, who passes away just a day before the launch of his company’s new smart application. However, following his death, his mysterious past resurfaces. The story is then narrated through the different perspectives of the family members. Each episode focuses on one protagonist and their views about the events preceding and following Hassan’s demise.

After the death of Hassan, we see how the family copes with it. We also see that the clans having feuds and how are they struggling with Hassan’s business world. Hassan’s wife and daughters are not sure if Hassan actually died in the accident because they feel his presence and also get calls from his number. At the end of the season, we get to know what actually happened and this is where things get interesting as we learn the truth from each and everyone’s perspective.

This is something that can be explored in the upcoming edition. After all, the primary theme of ‘Whispers’ is not the mystery in hand but the contrasting psyche of people.

Whispers Season 2 Cast

The series features a number of female talents including Shaimaa Al Fadl, Mysoon Alruwaily, Elham Ali, Nada Tawhid, Norah Alanbar, and Leila Arabi, in addition to actors Ali Al-Sharif, Osama Al Cass, and Mohamed Ali, who will star alongside Abdul Mohsen Alnimer.

Whispers Season 2 Release date

Director Hana Alomair has put a strong possibility that she is ready to go further into the journey of the characters and how it synchronizes with each other’s journey IF the 1st season gets a good response from the fans and critics alike.

The main aim of the show is to get a reach from all over the world and Netflix is one of the best platforms available for it. So if everything falls in place we might possibly get a 2nd season in 2022.

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