Artemis Fowl Ending Explained: Hello! Today we are going to talk about a new movie released on Disney+ recently called Artemis Fowl. For those of you who don’t know, Artemis Fowl is a character from the 2001 novel by Erin Colfer of the same name. The movie is based on that character. The series itself has been incredibly popular and successful. Hence, the Disney movie automatically manages to find a fan base, virtually guaranteeing its success.

On top of the brand value of Disney the movie is loaded with big names such as Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench, Colin Farrell. Whereas the titular character is played by Ferdia Shaw.

ReadArtemis Fowl Sequel?


Though the movie is based on the characters of the novel, the story is nowhere similar to it and it’s a completely different and new story. So the movie begins with a suspect named Mulch Diggums who is arrested by the authorities and is being taken for interrogation in a facility that is in the middle of the sea, where he starts to narrate his story.

Artemis Fowl II is a twelve-year-old kid who has the intellect of an adult. He lives with his father and his mother has died years ago. They are accompanied by their Butler who also is skilled in Martial arts. One day Artemis II discovers that his father is actually a criminal Mastermind.

And he gets a call from a creature named Opal who has kidnapped his father. In exchange for his father, the creature demands an object called The Aculos. Afterward, the butler shows Artemis his father’s secret room where there are lots and lots of objects kept and the butler and Artemis discover Artemis I’s diary where is it shown that Aculos is hidden somewhere in the house.

Artemis devises a plan to find it. He kidnaps a fairy named Molly Short after she has finished taking care of a troll who was wreaking havoc. He holds her captive. The fairy belongs to an organization called the LEPrecon Unit. It is known that for the fairies, the Aculos is extremely important and it is like their energy source.

The leader of the organization, Commander Root prepares an ambush to Fowl Manor (Artemis’ house) in order to rescue Holly. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Mulch Diggums, is a gigantic dwarf who was sentenced to prison in the fairies’ world underground.

It is revealed that the fairies cannot enter into the Fowl Manor as they cannot enter into a human’s house without their permission. So, Root decides to release Mulch Diggums and makes a deal with him to make him enter Fowl Manor. He discovers the Aculus there.
Dudgeon sends a troll to fight Artemis but they defeat him. Unfortunately, it is time for the fairies to return. Holly decides to stay back. She uses Aculos’ magic to rescue Artemis Fowl I. The Aculos is returned safely to the fairies.

Artemis Fowl I tell Holly that her father had been a brave man who had stolen the Aculos, not for greed but to protect it from Opal. He gives her a list of Opal’s accomplices that Molly’s father had made. On the other hand,  Mulch Diggums reveals a tracking device that Artemis had devised and hidden inside Diggums. Diggums is rescued by Artemis Fowl in his chopper. Artemis Fowl I, Artemis Fowl II, Butler, and Holly fly away together.

How Does Artemis Fowl II Find the Aculos?

We see that Artemis II devises a clever plan to obtain the hidden Aculos in the house. It seems that Mulch found it out randomly but no that’s not the case. It had all been a part of Artemis Fowl II’s plan. The twelve-year-old knew that fairies cannot enter his house without his permission. Thus, he speculated that they would send Mulch to his house to rescue Molly. Artemis also knew that the dwarfs are treasure hungry creatures and they sense the treasure from far away. So when Mulch enters into the house he senses the Aculos and obtains it and that is how Artemis Fowl II manages to find the Aculos, which he needs to rescue his father from Opal.

How does Holly Help Artemis Fowl?

Artemis Fowl II makes a deal with Holly. He tells her that she can take the Aculos back if she uses its power to rescue his father from Opal. Humans cannot use the Aculos as its power would kill them. Additionally, the two also become friends. That is the reason she helps Artemis Fowl II.

Artemis Fowl Ending Explained

The ending might have left some viewers into thinking. The movie ends with Artemis Fowl I and II, Mulch, and Butler in a chopper with Holly flying on the side. To say the least, this scene might be a set up for the next coming sequels from the franchise. Artemis Fowl I is shown to handed a list of possible allies of Opal to Holly.

Unfortunately, Holly Short’s father is dead. It is also revealed that he had stolen the Aculos to protect it from Opal. Hence, he wasn’t really a thief. Plus, just before Mulch is rescued, he tells the investigator that Artemis Fowl and his father should be remembered as courageous men who protected the world. Hence, it is reasonable to assume that the group now intends on going after Opal and his accomplices. For Holly, the mission is also a little personal as she would want revenge for her father’s death.

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