Did Marie Knew About The Robbery?: Marie and Noah’s relationship always went through many ups and downs. As the sellers stop their supply to Wolfson’s, Noah and Guillema carry out a perfect robbery. The question is, did Marie know that Noah was behind the robbery?

As Prosecutor Smets calls up for a raid of Wolfson’s office, their suppliers stop supplying them with stones. Noah goes to Marie’s office and asks her to talk to her boss and help him in getting diamonds, to which she clearly refuses.

Noah sees the security alarm passcode discreetly while Marie enters it. The robbery happens after two days. So did Marie suspect Noah was behind this robbery, as she knew how badly he is in need of diamonds and he is capable of doing it? But Marie invites him to her house the other day and informs him that she is leaving Antwerp, as her mining firm has shut down after the robbery. Considering Noah asked Marie for help, and the robbery happens exactly after a week of it.

it must be obvious to Marie to assume that Noah is behind this robbery.



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