What Was The Dinosaur At The End Of 65?: The Last Dinosaur In Sony Pictures Latest Action Adventure “65”, Sony Pictures released there another action-adventure movie 65 the movie is about a spaceship pilot who decides to go on a mission to find medicine for his ill daughter but on the way his ship got hit by an asteroid and all the passengers and crew members died after that except him and a girl same as age as of his daughter.

So they crash landed on “Earth 65” which is full of carnivores and dinosaurs so now they have to escape from them and get to that escape pod situated on the top of the hill, there are many species of dinosaurs on that earth but in this article, we are going to talk about the last dinosaurs they successfully defeated and managed to escape from there.

Review65 Movie Review: A Below-Average Adventure Drama

so this dinosaur is very huge in size in comparison to other dinos presented on that planet at first they managed to escape from him but as soon as they reach the escape pod, that dino attacked them again and flipped their escape pod by its one hit, Millis try to distract him and lured him into a hot water geyser to save Koa, but the dino is so huge and that hot water geyser is not enough to kill him.

However, as soon as that dinosaur is going to kill Millis, Kao appeared and stab a knife in its eye and then pushed him into that hot water. this is how they are able to escape from that dinosaur and save their life.

so the species of dino shown in the last were Tyrannosaurus, and Velociraptor they are very huge in size and are carnivores.



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