Plan B Series Episode 1 Summary & Ending Explained: Plan B series is now available on CBC in the English language with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The episode starts on June 10, 2016, when Philip’s friend at a party introduced him to his sister Evelyn, as soon as they meet they fell in love with each other, now cut back to 6 years later, they are now married and Philip and his friend are running a law firm, and Philip relationship with Evelyn is not going good as she is not happy with her husband controlling nature, Philip house construction is also going on so they have to sleep in a couch.

The next morning Philip is going to have a meeting with a company to make their presentation but as soon as he wakes up he had an argument with his wife over the color of their bed, but anyways he goes to the meeting and cracks the deal.

As soon as he returns home he sees that his wife is packing her stuff and going back to her parents, he tried to stop her and asked her about what has happened, but she leaves and he is now so sad he goes to the bar and in washroom he founds advisement saying “PLAN B” a chance to go back in time, he takes the poster with him, and after getting ignored from his wife’s brother also he finally decides to call to the number written in that poster, as soon as he enters his credit card number he got surprised that they knew everything about him and being frustrated he cuts the phone.

But in the second call, he decides to go back to 18 May 2022.

And next morning he was taken by their two agents in a van, and now he is two days earlier than the current time. and now he agrees to go to her wife’s mom’s birthday for dinner, and now he is trying to make everything perfect and avoid the mistakes he has done two days before like giving the renovation employee payment in cash because earlier the check got bounced.

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But in an attempt to make his relationship better he forgets to prepare the presentation for the firm and they also lost their contract, and just before the ending he also had an argument with his wife again over their house renovation and the episode ends.



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